Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

Could you be Ms. London?

Are you a “Sex and the City” type of girl? Could you be “Carrie Bradshaw”? We are seeking an exceptionally talented writer to be the final piece of the 3six5dates puzzle. Our goal is to create a

Evan does OneHundredDates – interview with 3six5dates

Well, it was about time 3six5dates got a taste of its own medicine, and only right that while in the land of ‘Sex and The City’, we catch up with a serial dater of

Has Modern Day Dating Gone Two Steps Forward Or Two Steps Back? Ms. Date Guru

Jessica Berdan is Ms. Date Guru by day and relationship connoisseur by night on a mission to revive chivalry and teach girls everywhere how to go from doormat to dream girl. Her new website:

9. When it feels like a job interviewer – Mr. Interviewer

Dressed to the nines in my favorite little black dress, I left my apartment getting a kick out of the fact that tonight’s date chose to make me the epitome of Carrie Bradshaw. I met