Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

90. My Inner Therapist On A Date – Mr. In Shock

We all have an inner therapist. Some call her “overanalyzing”, some call her women’s intuition, and some—mostly male—call her annoying. We can honor her or ignore her.  Dates, like the one I just had with

73. Smells Like Compatibility – Mr. Worth A Second Glance

As I sat in the parking lot of Positano Restaurant waiting for Mr. Worth A Second Glance, I reflected on how much dating has changed over the past few decades. The night before, at my

70. Dating In a Small World – Mr. Surprise Surprise

According to Forrest Gump: “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” This seems like the same case when it comes to online dating. It is not that

23. Variations Of ‘The Truth’ – Mr. Very Much My Type

This is Rachel’s date 2 with Mr. Very Much My Type. Read their date 1. Mr. Very Much My Type was, in fact, very much like me! Over a late lunch—with wine, an appetizer, pasta, dessert, and

21. Standing For Something – Mr. Gets Me Thinking

As soon as I laid eyes on Mr. Gets Me Thinking, I knew I was not attracted to him.  He has grey hair for God sakes! He was a sensitive, Italian speaking, tennis playing,

19. Not Going Home With You – Mr. Intense

Another amazing four-course meal with a 3six5dates guy! These boys are certainly keeping me well-fed! Tonight’s cuisine was Greek/Mediterranean and Mr. Intense was not shy about ordering three loaves of bread with hummus throughout our

15. Pulling Teeth – Mr. Awkward Silence

I arrived at the Meatpacking District’s trendy Standard Grill and after I realized the cute guy at the bar was my date, I had high hopes for the evening. Mr. Awkward Silence ordered the wine,

10. Suspicious Sarcasm – Mr. Sarcastic Pants

This is Rachel’s date 2 with Mr. Sarcastic Pants. Read their date 1. Mr. Sarcastic Pants offered to pick me up at my apartment so we could drive together to a new bar where his

8. Nice Guys Finish…? Mr. Wish I Was Attracted To You

As soon as I saw, Mr. Wish I Was Attracted To You, I knew I was going to feel bad about the inevitable: getting rid of him. His look: Short. Obviously lied about his height on