Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

36. Win Over The Lads, Win The Lass! Mr. Ballsy

Since the majority of my girlfriends are off the market, when I go out to a bar or club, I go with my other mates – the male kind. So, you can see how this

62. A Prescription For Anxiety – Mr. Kind Of A Big Deal

This is Rachel’s date 3 with Mr. Kind Of A Big Deal. Read their date 1, date 2. Tonight, it was obvious to me that my guard was up with Mr. Kind Of A Big Deal. I called

56. Playing The Field – Mr. Moving On

This is Ginger’s date 3 with Mr. Moving On. Read their date 1, date 2. I must say it was quite exciting to watch Mr. Moving On play football. I mean, I have not done that since

36. A Sexless Sunday Funday – Mr. VIP

This Rachel’s date 7 with Mr. VIP. Read their date 1, date 2, date 3, date 4, date 5 and date 6. It was no coincidence that Mr. VIP came to my neighborhood for the

18. Please Don’t Try To Kiss Me – Mr. Smotherer

When I met Mr. Smotherer a few nights ago at a Jewish Singles Event that I attended for work – we immediately clicked. He volunteered to be my wingman, helping me recruit women for my

2. French Fries or French Kiss – Mr. Recent Divorcee

Handsome, charming, and always taken – Mr. Recent Divorcee is a friend of a friend and a mutual flirtation that started years ago. This all came to a turning point when I received his midday