Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

68. The Ex Calling – Mr. Moving On

 This is Ginger’s date 8 with Mr. Moving On. Read their date 1, date 2,date 3,date 4,date 5,date 6,date 7. It was Friday. Mr. One Year Later’s parents (Date 67) were still in town and there was

59. Jealousy Test – Mr. One Year Later

This is Ginger’s date 6 with Mr. One Year Later. Read their date 1, date 2, date 3, date 4, date 5. The moment we sat down both of us knew there was something that needed to be discussed. It

55. Star Power – Mr. Kind Of A Big Deal

There are two types of men in the world: men who try to impress women and men who do not. Fortunately for me, Mr. Kind Of A Big Deal was the type who tried! And

39. Not Ready to Let Go – Mr. Dreamy

This is Ginger’s date 3 with Mr. Dreamy. Read their date 1 and date 2. When I saw Mr. Dreamy, I suddenly heard my own heart beat and felt my heavy breathing. It seemed so

29. Trouble In Paradise – Mr. VIP

This is Rachel’s date 5 with Mr. VIP. Read their date 1, date 2, date 3 and date 4. Mr. VIP really knew how to make a woman feel special! Upon arriving at his apartment, I

4. Fancy Meeting You Here – Mr. Random Date

After having the type of day that made me want to curl up in the fetal position and cry, I took the late bus to New Jersey to my parents’ house. As I loudly vented