Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

71. The Perils of Serial (J)Dating – Mr. Seems Great To Me

At dinner, my girls wanted to hear how date 71 went. “It went well. I liked him – I mean as much as normal for just having a brief meet and greet.” Okay, maybe I liked him

66. Peace Out JDate – Mr. My Last JDate

Mr. My Last JDate wanted to meet at 10:30 p.m. I told him I needed to push the date back a half-hour so I could finish up some work. Translation: I want to watch Jersey

51. Great Date or Just Not That Into Me – Mr. Not Interested Would Disappoint Me

You know it is a good date when a cocktail server approaching your table seems more like an interruption and not a sign of relief. I think Mr. Not Interested Would Disappoint Me and I really hit it off! We

44. Talking To Nice Weirdos – Mr. Got Ahead Of Himself

Mr. Got Ahead Of Himself had been leading a game of phone tag for nearly two months, as we were both too busy to have frequent phone chats – let alone meet up! Mostly he

41. A Hour I Can’t Get Back – Mr. Interrogator’s Twin

Leaving Hotel Gansevoort I reflected on the third Jdate I just endured. Now that was a waste of makeup! As soon as I saw Mr. Interrogator’s Twin, wearing a pin-stripe suit and cocky grin, I knew I

24. A Discovery Disclosure – Mr. Truth Upfront

Sitting at the bar of Auction House, Mr. Truth Upfront filled me in on his career as a reality TV producer. When he excitedly spoke of his new project – a reality show on the