Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

Anoop Kansupada – Founder & CEO of Dapprly

Finally, an app to help men get dressed for a date! Not sure if she’ll like those red shoes for your first date? Impressing women can seem like an impossible task sometimes. Dapprly is a social

Margaux Chetrit of Three Matches

Audio: What are the most common mistakes people make on a date? How often do people turn down a person who is quite possibly their match? Is age just a number? Rhianne Butler interviews Margaux Chetrit of Three

Evan does OneHundredDates – interview with 3six5dates

Well, it was about time 3six5dates got a taste of its own medicine, and only right that while in the land of ‘Sex and The City’, we catch up with a serial dater of

Esther Perel “Mating in Captivity” and Erotic Intelligence

Video: Hot, steamy, intimate, playful, exciting sex – how do we keep having it? What is Erotic Intelligence? Should we choose practicality over passion? 3six5dates founder, Shelli Trung interviews Psychologist Esther Perel. Esther is recognized as one of

3six5dates interviews Valerie Weiss – Director of “Losing Control”

Video: Shelli Trung, 3six5dates, interviews Valerie Weiss the writer/director “Losing Control”. Valerie talks about her new romantic comedy movie where a female scientist attempts to prove her longtime boyfriend is “Mr. Right”, by suggesting

Is there a Man Drought? The Manly Sisters

Video: We took to the streets of Melbourne, Australia back in March 2010 and asked The Manly Sisters…is there a Man Drought? If you are in Melbourne, Australia check out their “Spag n Drag Dinner