Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

52. Ex Talk – Mr. Moving On

My friend, who set up the date, had prepped me about Mr. Moving On’s dating history: ”He is in a fragile state right now. He just got out of a four-year long term relationship.

53. Recipe for Romance or Emotional Hangover – Mr. Cocktail of Hope

Mr. Cocktail of Hope could potentially be quite delicious. He is one part good looking, one part intelligent, and one part charming. When the waitress came to take our dinner order at the Middle Eastern

48. Recycling Men – Mr. Very Much My Type

This is Rachel’s date 3 with Mr. Very Much My Type. Read their date 1 and date 2. Perhaps there should be a support group for daters like me. I would stand up and say: “Hello.

33. Palm Readings & Friend Zone – Mr. Made Me Comfortable

Mr. Made Me Comfortable and I arrived at Dos Caminos at the exact same time. In that split second, I thought he’s not bad looking at all. Our date consisted of a three-hour conversation over

1. Bird Bombs and C Bombs – Bachelor No.One

I am thinking all these dates are going to be one hell of a difficult task if yesterday’s was anything to go by. I was waiting for Bachelor No. One in a pleasant, leafy