Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

Ms. Sydney – Maria

“Dream with your eyes open.” – My little sister. Dating History I grew up in a very traditional Asian family household and was not allowed to date until I turned 18. My father would say things

14. Napoleon with no dynamite – Navy Boy

The view was definitely more exciting than the company on this date. I spent a lovely afternoon in a place looking over the harbour and chatting with a Navy Boy. I am always intrigued with people

13. Him or the cyanide pill? The Little Cowboy

This is Jemima’s date 2 with The Little Cowboy. Read their date 1. There is a lot to be said for intuition and it would serve me well to listen to it. On Saturday’s date, The

12. Gooey and Smitten – The Little Cowboy

A few weeks ago, I met The Little Cowboy through a friend of mine, and I could tell straight away that he was interested in me. On that particular evening, I was preoccupied with an

11. Men are from Mars – Fratman

From the beginning, this was not your conventional date. While I was typing up date 9 at a rugby game, I was acutely aware that the surrounding gender ratio was most certainly in my favor. However,

10. Hot Man vs Multiple Personalities – Fireman Sam

We all know I’m single and having a pulse is pretty much my only prerequisite at the moment, but there are a few men-related traits that really bring me undone. First and foremost is a

9. Cat Food, Apples, And Dates – The Turkish Delight

There are only a few locations that I do not consider suitable for bachelor recruitment and the cat food aisle of a supermarket is most certainly a prime example. Allow me to set the scene. I

(post script) Mini Me – The Dark Horse

This is Jemima’s post-script on The Dark Horse. Read their date 1, date 2 and date 3. The Dark Horse contacted me while I was having the WORST day of the year. You know, one of

8. I am an idiot, a complete idiot – The Dark Horse

This is Jemima’s date 3 with The Dark Horse. Read date 1 and date 2. OK. Deep breaths. I need to write this now, while the remorse is still fresh. I am going to tell you

7. Warm, Fuzzy, Smelly – The Dark Horse

This is Jemima’s date 2 with The Dark Horse. Read their date 1. So how do you make the mental transition from: “Oh yeah, him… I’ve known him for ages.” to: Please, Sweet Baby Jesus in

6. Right Under My Nose – The Dark Horse

Useless Advice From Happily Coupled People 101: “Just be happy with yourself! Someone will come along when you least expect it”. Ugh. Get a grip! It would be easier for an overweight camel to pass through

5. The Terrible Teeth – The Opinionated Chef

Today’s date was arranged for me by a mate – and he had ‘prepped’ The Opinionated Chef by telling him I loved my food and wine. However, I was (and still am) cringing from my

4. How to stuff your chances – Ballbag

OK. Raise your hand if you have ever gotten yourself completely, rolling drunk on a date. Both of my hands are up in the air. I wonder how long it will take for me to type

3. The Beacon 2 – Sir Paddle Pop Sticks

This is Jemima’s date 2 with Sir Paddle Pop Sticks. Read their date 1. Talk about a wardrobe crisis! We are not talking about a ‘which of my foxy outfits will be the best?’ issue or

2. The Beacon – Sir Paddle Pop Sticks

So I’m one fiftieth of the way through my mission and it seemed that I may have found the “gorgeous, witty, generous man who will row around the world with Paddle Pop sticks for