Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

Could you be Ms. London?

Are you a “Sex and the City” type of girl? Could you be “Carrie Bradshaw”? We are seeking an exceptionally talented writer to be the final piece of the 3six5dates puzzle. Our goal is to create a

Evan does OneHundredDates – interview with 3six5dates

Well, it was about time 3six5dates got a taste of its own medicine, and only right that while in the land of ‘Sex and The City’, we catch up with a serial dater of

Single Gal In The City – Ms. Melissa Braverman

3six5dates interviews New York’s dating anthropologist and relationships writer Ms. Melissa Braverman. Melissa blogs about her dating discoveries at SingleGalNYC.com. Melissa has been quoted in such outlets as The Associated Press, The New York Post

43. Awkwardness Be Gone – Mr. Not What I Thought

Rachel’s date 2 with Mr. Not What I Thought. Read their date 1. Our night began with laughter. He gets brownie points for taking me to an improv show at the UCB Theatre that genuinely