Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

11. Mr. DJ Plays My Song – Mr. DJ

Mr. DJ and I met at a bar, next to the club where he was booked to play. I did not know what he looked like but my girlfriend told me he was South

59. Not My Proudest Moment – Mr. Too Introverted

Tonight marked the first time that I was not on my best behavior during a date. Running late, I gave Mr. Too Introverted a 20-minute heads up as soon as I realized I would not

58. Sorry, Mom. I Went Out With A Cop! Mr. Trying Not To Judge

Some of my male clients complain that the first thing out of a NYC female’s mouth is “What do you do?” Now, I am much more of a “Where are you from?” kind of gal,

9. Sibling Rivalry – Mr. Stutters

Mr. Stutters asked me out on a date purely by default (you will see why). He was a friend of my sister from school and was waiting for my sister to finish work. I happened