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Partnering with 3six5dates

  • Are you the owner of a dating service?
  • Do you run a business that would be a great place for a date?
  • Perhaps even a product that would appeal to singles or those wanting to look good?
  • Want to share it with the rest of the 3six5dates community?

Promote your business on 3six5dates and have your service, product or campaign seen by thousands of actively dating singles. The majority of our readers are in the 25 to 35 age group (both males and females), and are working professionals in the social scene with healthy disposable incomes.

Many of our readers are in the dating industry and are dating coaches, matchmakers and entrepreneurs running businesses or blogs for singles – these are influential readers with potentially viral campaigns.

How can I promote my business with 3six5dates?

  1. Guest interviews (video/audio)
  2. Guest blogs
  3. Website banner advertising
  4. Social media

1. Guest interviewing (videos/audio)

This option is best for those who are in the dating and relationship industry. Normally we prefer to conduct in-person, three minute, video interviews.

However, if one of our team members can not get to you physically, we can conduct an audio interview over Skype instead.

Both video and audio interviews are uploaded onto the 3six5dates YouTube channel, featured on our homepage slider and announced on our social media.

For examples of our previous interviews, please see -


2. Guest blogging

For those who prefer to write, or have a article that they are happy for us to publish on 3six5dates, we also accept guests. All guest posts must be approved by the 3six5dates editing team before we can give you a scheduled date of publication.

All guest articles are featured on our homepage slider and announced on our social media.

3six5dates focuses on delivering useful, relevant content that is ‘bite-size’ and easy to read. To ensure your post is reviewed and speeds through our editing team, please ensure:

  • Length from 300 to 600 words.
  • Any articles over 600 words will not be accepted.
  • Include a bio of yourself including your website, Twitter and Facebook pages – maximum of 100 words.
  • Ensure you run a spelling and grammar check and provide tags, logos, images and links as needed.
  • If you are unfamiliar with writing for the web, please google “tips on writing for the web” for the basics.
  • The best articles have a clear argument and structure. These are usually in the format of “How tos”, dating advice or more evidence based, journalist pieces.
  • Online audiences read in an F format. Keep your sentences short and use simple language. Aim to get your point across in as few words as possible.
  • Use bullet points and numbered lists where possible. Try and keep your paragraph lengths to a maximum of four lines.

For examples on the kind of guest articles that appeal to our audience, please see http://www.3six5dates.com/category/guest/

3. Website slider and sidebar advertising

We have space for up to 5 promotions a time directly on our website. This option is ideal for businesses that have a special offer or just want to build their brand presence online.

To be featured in our slider (displays only on homepage), please send us:

  • One .jpg image of at least 700px (width) by 300px (height) at 72dpi.
  • Link for where the image should point to.
  • Details about the promotional offer/event etc. Maximum of 100 words with links and tags provided.

To be featured on the sidebar (displays on every page), please send us:

  • One .jpg image 200px X 200px at 72dpi.
  • Link for where the image should point to.
  • No additional text is required.

4. Social media

We are very active on social media and may already be following you on the various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. We retweet anything that would be relevant to our audience.

If there is anything you would like us to share on our social media, feel free to let us know. This is ideal for those who just want to make a brief announcement due to a time constraint. Examples include an event, a special offer or a news feature.






More please…

If you would like to learn more about partnering with 3six5dates, please email us at 3six5@3six5dates.com. We would love to chat.