Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

53. Suicide – Mr. One Year Later

This is Ginger’s Date 3 with Mr. One Year Later. Read their date 1 and date 2. I did not expect Mr. One Year Later to remember the “forgotten” T-shirt, but he did. “Are you going

2. I Don’t Want No Shy Guy, I Just Want A Fly Guy – Mr. Listerine

Mr. Listerine is my work associates son. We had worked together for more than 6 years, so she knew a lot about my dating history and all its ups and downs. I also knew a

52. Ex Talk – Mr. Moving On

My friend, who set up the date, had prepped me about Mr. Moving On’s dating history: ”He is in a fragile state right now. He just got out of a four-year long term relationship.

54. For Richer or Poorer – Mr. Needs Tough Love

This is Rachel’s date 2 with Mr. Needs Some Tough Love. Read their date 1. You know your date did not go well when one of the most positive things you can say about it was

53. Recipe for Romance or Emotional Hangover – Mr. Cocktail of Hope

Mr. Cocktail of Hope could potentially be quite delicious. He is one part good looking, one part intelligent, and one part charming. When the waitress came to take our dinner order at the Middle Eastern

51. Gift – Mr. One Year Later

This is Ginger’s date 2 with Mr. One Year Later. Read their date 1. After arriving back from a break from Shanghai, I was recharged and ready to return to my dating routine. Mr. One Year

52. Brutally Honest – Mr. Needs Tough Love

There has probably never been a guy that I did not want to go out with as much as I did not want to go out with Mr. Needs Tough Love. Midway through a surprisingly

Single Gal In The City – Ms. Melissa Braverman

3six5dates interviews New York’s dating anthropologist and relationships writer Ms. Melissa Braverman. Melissa blogs about her dating discoveries at SingleGalNYC.com. Melissa has been quoted in such outlets as The Associated Press, The New York Post

50. Can’t Get No, Satisfaction – Mr. Gobbler

My first impression of Mr. Gobbler was pretty good: he was refined and sophisticated, his hair was nicely combed, his beard was close-shaven, and his shirt fit well. When he talked he sounded confident

Dating Multiple People – Mr. Steve McLachlan

Are most men and women open to dating multiple people? When and how do you bring up that you are dating other people? Does it increases your odds at finding Mr. or Ms. Right? 3six5dates interviews Steve

51. Great Date or Just Not That Into Me – Mr. Not Interested Would Disappoint Me

You know it is a good date when a cocktail server approaching your table seems more like an interruption and not a sign of relief. I think Mr. Not Interested Would Disappoint Me and I really hit it off! We

How To Choose The Perfect Speed Dating Partner – FastLife Speed Dating

3six5date’s own, Ms. New York writes about her adventure on a FastLife Speed Dating excursion! Attention speed daters throughout the world: I’d like to let you in on a little secret… No, I am not pregnant! But, guess

49. Sit Tight – Mr. One Year Later

I was really surprised when I got his call. Almost a year had passed since we first met. As I remembered, we had a good chat then, and both of us got each other’s mobile

50. SOS: Crying Man – Mr. King Of TMI

Mr. King Of TMI took the 7:15 p.m. train from Long Island to meet me in the bar/lounge of The Roosevelt Hotel. From his text earlier in the day, I could tell he was not a

1. I C U (looking at other girls) – Mr. Muscles

So this is my first date in 10 years with someone other than my ex. I have known Mr. Muscles for about 15 years. He was and still is the local boy that all the