Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

Ms. New York – Rachel Russo

“If life gives you a chance take it; if it changes your life, let it.” Unknown

Dating History

My first date was at the tender age of 12 with a with boy who had major crush on me. We were at It Takes Two with our Mothers and siblings sitting rows behind.

My last date before taking on the 3six5dates was to the premiere party of Tough Love Couples with a Mr Man-boy I had a major crush on – my non-relationship-relationship for the past four years.

The years in between included one-date-wonders, an on again/off again high school boyfriend whose shelf life tallied a year, a couple 6-monthers in college (only one of which my family met), plenty more 1-3 month casual dating relationships, and my fair share of everything from hookups to ‘friends with benefits’.

Yes that’s right: you didn’t want me to pretend that I, the typical girl away at college, was any “holier than thou” did you? Well, then read a fairy tale; because this is my truth.

Bless me Father for I have sinned; I am not sorry for who I was then, who I am now, or who I’ll be!

From ‘my hot prom date’ I met at a traffic light, to the month long fling who bought me jeans on date number one (and proceeded to text me for 6 years after) to the one who officially broke my heart (after I broke his) – I’ve dated them all.

The ones I really cared for?  Several are now my good friends. They all came crawling back…except the one who got away. I mean, who’d fly a girl four states to meet his family on the third date, sweeps her off her feet while there, but then never asks to see her again, and continues to be MIA on internet searches for years after?

Why are you single right now?

The one night stand that lasted 4 years. A really fun, special guy who became a frequent friend with benefits and now has my heart. Mostly, we were committed to being non-committed.

All those others guys I dated for the first three years? Yeah, no chance. Unconsciously (and then consciously), I was waiting for my diamond in the rough.

Why are you participating in 3six5dates?

I saw a tremendous opportunity for self-growth that could improve my love life – it was exactly what I had dreamt of.

As a matchmaker and coach, I am very successful at helping clients find and keep healthy relationships. In many ways, my career gives me an edge in my personal life, but I admit: I have not always practiced what I preached!

In the past, my brain in love has been irrational.

Will my expertise protect me from relationship disasters or do I have the potential to be as much of a train wreck as the next girl when it comes to matters of my own heart?

Dream Partner

  • Tall, dark, handsome and Italian.
  • A man who looks good in anything and can always charm my pants off.
  • Alpha male with (American) West Coast mentality and East Coast career success.
  • The guy who I can always count on to do the right thing.
  • Well educated professional (lawyer, doctor, business owner).
  • Loves to travel and enjoys the finer things.
  • Makes me laugh until my stomach hurts on a daily basis.
  • An extrovert who appreciates balance between couple time and me time.
  • A man with emotional intelligence, relationship skills, and an unwavering fascination – with me.

What do you believe is the biggest challenge for you to surrender your single status?

I need to find the man who is special enough to make me want to let go of the past – forever. I can be loyal to a fault. Sometimes, even when it’s over; it’s never really over.

Rachel’s Career Bio

Rachel Russo is a NYC-based Dating, Relationship, & Image Coach for marriage-minded singles and couples.  She is the founder of StatusMakeover.com and has based her business on helping people fall in love with their love lives—no matter what their status!  She is a Lover, Fighter, and Ride or Die Chick!

Rachel has a master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Iona College, a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rutgers University, and is a certified Intentional Relationship Coach.  She has seven years of experience working as a matchmaker and dating coach for well-known agencies.

She has recently published a book, A FabJob Guide to Become a Matchmaker and will launch her Ebook, How to Get over Your Ex: A Step By Step Guide to Mend a Broken Heart–Italian American Style, for the summer of 2012.

Rachel is the Singles (On My Own) Editor of StageofLife.com, The Resident Dating & Relationship Coach at Conversextion.com, and hosts her own internet radio-show-Lovecast with Rachel Russo- on Wedding Podcast Network.

Rachel’s articles and commentary on dating, sex, and relationships have been featured in Elle Magazine, Happen Magazine, Time Out New York, The Paramus Post, Elite Magazine,  The New Your Magazine, RTV International,  WGN Morning Show,  LA Talk Radio, The Mancow Muller Show, and several Blog Talk Radio shows.

She has also been published in Conversextion.com, YourTango.com, Examiner.com, Ehow.com, Womenandbiz.com, Shetakesontheworld.com, Selfgrowth.com, Yahoo.com, and Commitment.us.org.

Clearly, she is almost famous!


What do you think of Rachel’s Bio?

Do you believe her professional career will help when it comes to matters of the heart?

Are you anything like her or do you know anyone like her?

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  • Relationship Chef

    I find it simply astounding that Rachel, with her degrees and experience as a matchmaker has not even a clue as to what (or whom) she is looking for.


  • Rachel Russo

    It is pretty clear what I want: It all! Good looking, charismatic, smart, successful, and able to treat me as well as I deserve to be treated! Perhaps as a “Relationship Chef” you think the recipe for the perfect man can be made in the kitchen. Sorry, but it can’t! My expertise has helped me tremendously in terms of my own love life, but I can’t create the perfect “dish” of man anymore than you can!

  • Gregory Magarshak

    Rachel – it’s not just the person but the dynamic. It’s the little things and how you click together and play off each other that makes it meaningful. If you have an emotional connection and a physical attraction, you’ll stay together long enough to make it work. Real long term comes with time and mutual investment. Is looking good in suits really more important?

    How your relationship evolves can play a big role. For me, several years ago, a girl that I initially didn’t see myself with happened to date me at a time when I had little money. On our second date I had spent my last $40 to enter a club we didnt wind up enjoying, and on the way back I told her, “I understand if you never see me again, but can you pay for this cab?” We wound up together for a long time and care about each other to this day. From that, and my friends’ experiences I learned that — until you go through things with someone and see how you both handle the challenges — you won’t really know if they’re the one to marry.

    • Rachel Russo

      Hey Greg, I TOTALLY agree with you on the dynamic being super important. Compatibility is very much what I am looking for when it comes to matching up my clients and matching up myself. There are many elements of compatibility. The physical is just the start. A guy who looks good in a suit is actually really important to me. I need someone I am physically attracted to as much and perhaps more so than the next girl. I am a Libra with a penchant for beauty and fashion, I do image consulting, and I have a career/lifestyle where attending events and looking your best is important. I take pride in my health and appearance and would be most compatible with someone who does the same. That’s just the minimum though. If I wasn’t looking for the substance that you are I’d be married already. Ha! Anyway, thanks for sharing your story.