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Dating Multiple People – Mr. Steve McLachlan

  • Are most men and women open to dating multiple people?
  • When and how do you bring up that you are dating other people?
  • Does it increases your odds at finding Mr. or Ms. Right?
  • 3six5dates interviews Steve McLachlan on dating more than one person at the one time.

Steve is owner of Melbourne Lair and a passionate advocate of reform in the sexual dynamic. He studies the relationships that men and women live and urges them to think outside the box and escape the social programming of our era.

3six5dates is lucky to have him as an expert on dating multiple people including the challenges and perks, and perhaps give us some advice on how our 3six5dates women can juggle the Mr. Xs that come their way.

Don’t forget to listen to Part 2!

What do you think? Does dating multiple people at the same time, work?

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