Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

92. When THE Day Comes… – Mr. Life And Death

This date was momentous for me: it was my last 3six5date, the last day of the year and the last time I get to share my embarrassment or excitement or disgust or frustration with

92. ‘Til Our Date Does Us Part – Mr. Not For Me

It is my last 3six5dates, and I have a 3six5dates first: a very awkward pre-date waiting period. I arrived at this restaurant Mr. Not For Me is a part-owner of and told the hostess I

91. As Time Goes… Mr. Old Flame

I came across Mr. Old Flame again by accident. Before that, I never thought I would see him again. After a few e-mails, I learned that he had been single for quite some time; he

90. Heavy Breathing Vs. Inner Thighs – Mr. Sexually Aggressive

The first time I met Mr. Sexually Aggressive, it was among a group of friends. He was the quietest one; once in a while he would smile or make a couple of quick comments. …and

91. The Height Of His Insecurity – Mr. In Shock

This is Rachel’s date 2 with Mr. In Shock. Read their date 1. German actress Marlene Dietrich famously said: “Once a woman has forgiven her man, she must not reheat his sins for breakfast.” Honestly, I could not agree

89. Why So Serious? Mr. Wiki

I must say Mr. Wiki was a big surprise. Considering all the info I had gotten from the friend who introduced us, I could never have imagined my date would be such a talker. Thought

90. My Inner Therapist On A Date – Mr. In Shock

We all have an inner therapist. Some call her “overanalyzing”, some call her women’s intuition, and some—mostly male—call her annoying. We can honor her or ignore her.  Dates, like the one I just had with

88. Oiya! Mr. Kung Fu

No doubt I liked Mr. Kung Fu’s smile, teeth and body, but he was not as masculine or as big as I had expected him to be. Not the stereotypical kung fu guy. But he moved

89. The “M” Word – Mr. New England

Just two minutes before I arrived at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, I got a text from Mr. New England (LINK): “I’m the guy in the shorts and Ed Hardy shirt.” As the bouncer checked my ID, I looked

87. Being Watched – Mr. Paranoid

I was just beginning to ask about his job, then – “Shush!” He put a finger to his lips, “They are listening to us.” “They?” I asked confused. I did not see who he meant by

88. Take Me Or Leave Me – Mr. Thinks I’m A Trip

I arrive at Blackstones Pub a few minutes before Mr. Thinks I’m A Trip and order a drink at the back bar. I am not usually waiting for men, but when I am, it would

86. Sex Talk – Mr. Oral Sex

We had already set up the date last week, so it was too late for me to cancel. Even though I cannot stop thinking about Mr. Dreamy. And I knew he would be a hard act

85. Lust or Love? Mr. Dreamy

This is Ginger’s date 4 with Mr. Dreamy. Read their date 1, date 2 and date 3. I had never been as excited about a date as I was with Mr. Dreamy. I thought about him when I got dressed. I

87. Dating Attention Deficit Disorder – Mr. On A Visa

This is Rachel’s date 2 with Mr. On A Visa. Read their date 1. When I walked into Milos, I knew I was in for a treat. Spacious, loud, and with white décor, it is less

84. Friday Night Fever – Mr. Marriage Material

This is Ginger’s date 2 with Mr. Marriage Material . Read their date 1. It was a long night. Dinner consisted of more talking than actual eating. The longer I sit here the shorter my attention span! The person sitting