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5. Can You Trust A Real Estate Agent? Mr. Property

I am on a mission to change my area code.

A. Because my ex lives 5 minutes away (and so does his family and friends).

B. Because living with my entire family is like going to school camp 24/7.

C. I needed a change of scenery and Anthony Robbins (my idol) once said,

‘If you don’t like your situation, take massive action.’

So I am.

Mr. Property and I met while I was on my open house inspection marathon. He is older with salt and pepper hair, but distinguished in a George Clooney kind of way.

I inspected his property in the morning and we bumped into one another at lunch. (Actually he was having lunch with a tall busty looking Asian girl who was carrying a toy dog).

He had come over and asked how my house hunting was going. He also mentioned, ‘I own heaps of properties around Sydney and I’m always building new blocks of apartments, email me your price range and I’ll see if I can help you’.

Is he trying to impress me…?

And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly impressed.

So I emailed him, and this is how they went:

Me: Hi, Mr. Property. It was lovely to meet you today. My price range is under 300k.

Mr. Property: Great no worries. Were you out shopping today?

Me: Yes, yes. I pretty much covered all of Sydney.

Mr. Property: Well you looked great whatever you were doing.

Me: Awww thanks.

Mr. Property: We should meet up to discuss any properties you are interested in. I can give you some advice. Free of charge J


We had coffee outside his real estate agency. He was very confident and talked passionately about the real estate market and his projects.

Thank you God! A man with passion.

I tell him a little bit about myself which included my breakup and my ex, my family and my businesses… and after a long spiel I asked him, “So what about you?”

“Me? Oh nothing, I’m pretty boring. Just working on my projects…”

He then continues with more real estate talk.

Did I just get diverted?

Two hours had passed and I hardly even noticed. We said our goodbyes with me promising I would show him any potential properties and him doing the same.

Overall Mr. Property is a great catch; he ticks most boxes.

However, I kept wondering why he did not want to share any personal information, especially since I did.


What do you think? How much do you tell someone on the first date?

What does it mean when they are reluctant to share personal information?

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  • http://www.interglobalmedianetwork.com/ Maria

    They have something to hide. I’ve had many similar experiences to this one.