Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

8. Six Degrees Of Separation – Mr. Connections

Mr. Connections and I met when we were buying drinks at a bar. Both of us were trying to get the bartender’s attention, but neither of us were very successful.

“Bloody, bartender always serves the ladies first.”

I looked at him accusingly and said, “Well, last time I checked I was a lady, and he ain’t serving me!”

“Hahaha, it’s because you’re little!”

He got served before me and ordered a ridiculous number of tequila shots. He then offered me one.

“Are you game?”

Tequila is lethal.


I thanked him for the shot and he made a beeline towards his group of friends. However, before we parted ways, we exchanged numbers since according to him; I ‘owed’ him one.

We met at a sushi train place, and chatted while we grabbed the plates off the train. We talked about that night at the bar and we both agreed it was a very ‘been to be seen’ kind of place. I told him I was dragged there by girlfriends and he told me he was working.

We both laughed.

He said he knew almost everyone at that bar, I told him I knew only a small group there. I named some people and he dropped a bomb (!) by asking, “So you might know *Mr. Trust Fund Baby (Date 3) and *Mr. OMG?” (Date 4)

SHIT! He knows them!

I said, “Um yeah. I know who they are, but we are only acquaintances. I don’t hang out with them or anything.”

“Oh, good. Because I thought you might be one of those girls, that gets sucked into that circle and spat back out.”

He explained that these particular boys knew how to play girls and that they did it well.

Alarm bells went off in my head.

Mr. Connections then talked about all the people he knew through his job as a promoter. He listed B-list celebrities, socialites and even some potential dates whom I was considering.

I kept quiet on that last one.

In general, he displayed a serious amount of distaste for these types of people and their lifestyles.

Isn’t ‘he’ one of them?

He then told me that he hated ‘social climbers’.

Is he cautioning me?

We were the last to leave the restaurant and I would be lying if I said I did not feel relieved that the date was ending.

Mr. Connections was a fun guy, but the way he talked about most people and his feelings towards them, rubbed me the wrong way.

His negativity is sending me bad vibes.

However, I did agree to another date:

A. because I cannot say no, and

B. because I found him interesting.

No real chemistry there, but I have tried dating where there’s been strong chemistry, and that did not work out in my favour either.

What do you think? Have you dated a few people in the same social network? Is this dangerous?

When there is potential for them to find out about each other, is honesty the best policy?



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