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73. Smells Like Compatibility – Mr. Worth A Second Glance

As I sat in the parking lot of Positano Restaurant waiting for Mr. Worth A Second Glance, I reflected on how much dating has changed over the past few decades.

The night before, at my sister’s engagement party, I had met yet another happily married woman (50 years!) who said she did not even like her husband when she first met him! Yet today, many people hit it off on first dates… only to never see each other again!

Will I like this guy tonight? Does it even matter?

Initially, I did not even want to meet him because he lived 2.5 hours away. But he followed up with me again weeks after reading my “rejection letter” on Match.com.

And I do find persistence sexy.

Plus, a guy who is willing to drive hundreds of miles just to take me out to dinner at the restaurant of my choice is, you know, worth a second glance!

As it turned out, we had things in common – places we had been to, fathers in the same profession, and a love for the Jersey Shore. (Both the show and the beaches!)

Conversation was fun and lighthearted. I asked him about his favorite Jersey Shore characters.

“Of all the girls, who would you date? And of the guys, who would you befriend?”

His answers – JWoww and Pauly D – were the same as my own!

Call me crazy, but I am the Matchmaker and I think there is something to be said for two people who like or dislike the same people. Not that two people who do not enjoy the same characters would not be compatible, but it is more likely…an appreciation for the same personality types could be a hint of a deeper commonality.

Do you agree?

Could finding the same people appealing or appalling be a sign of compatibility?

Do you and your significant other tend to like the same people? What do you think?


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  • http://www.facebook.com/foxaston Steven McLachlan

    I think you like him … ;)
    You have things in common, that’s good and always helps to turn a spark into real chemistry.

    • http://twitter.com/RachelTRusso Rachel Russo

      Yes, thanks for sharing! I think common ground can only help a relationship develop!