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71. The Perils of Serial (J)Dating – Mr. Seems Great To Me

At dinner, my girls wanted to hear how date 71 went.

“It went well. I liked him – I mean as much as normal for just having a brief meet and greet.”

Okay, maybe I liked him a little more than normal.

“I don’t know!  We both had to get back to work, but he’s cute, a lawyer, grew up close by, and likes to travel. I felt like we had chemistry,” I explained.

There was not much more I could say to them, as our date was so short yet sweet. I just do not want to “jinx” things by getting too excited too soon.

It is hard to tell if a relationship will progress with a guy like Mr. Seems Great To Me.  With his high-powered career, a penchant for travel, and great looks, he could easily fade away. In fact, this is probably the case with Mr. Cocktail of Hope (date 64) who is in Dubai right now.

I have no real reason to believe Mr. Seems Great To Me will lose interest, and so far it seems unlikely he will.

From the moment we sat down on the couch, his body language screamed “I’m into you.” He immediately placed his arm around the back of the couch, closing the space between us. A sign of confidence, I am sure.

He also asked me out again. But, he asked me why I was on Jdate.com. I explained I actually just cancelled my membership because I was not meeting men who were right for me.

“Maybe it’s because I’m not Jewish,” I said, after mentioning that my decision to join was based on my knowledge that the website had a plethora of ambitious, educated, and accomplished men.

He looked surprised.

Guess, he did not read my profile.

“Hmm, I didn’t see what you listed, but I’m open to religion.”

That is what Mr. Got Me Wondering (date 63) said before saying his parents did not let him go to the college of his choice because it was a Christian school.

Seventy-one dates in, and 21 more to go, I question the impact of all this dating on my psyche and confidence level.

I am very skeptical of Jewish men who are “open to religion” and am starting to convince myself that I really want a Christian man (date 66).

But, I decided to meet another man from Jdate because it is not so much a guy’s religion that matters to me, but I have developed a fear that I will never be fully accepted by a Jewish man and his family.

Couple that “insecurity” (which my experiences prove that it can be quite rational in nature) with my assumptions (that A: He’s a busy guy, and B: My competition is fierce), and I am worried that I may come across as insecure.

Is serial dating actually making me insecure or have I developed a healthy skepticism?

What do you think? How has serial dating impacted your level of confidence?

Has it made you insecure? Skeptical? More realistic? Just plain negative?





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  • http://www.facebook.com/foxaston Steven McLachlan

    he seemed great and with good confidence but i have a strong feeling that he’s more desperate for romance that he seems.  that sounds like a bad thing, but it’s not always.  i bet he’s really great and worth another date.  it’s good to be skeptical, i agree and it’s healthy.  but i think you have crossed past that and are now being negative.  lighten up!

  • http://twitter.com/RachelTRusso Rachel Russo

    Hey Steve, Thanks so much for your insight. You just *might* be right about some of these things. Without revealing too much before the next blog piece comes out, I will say I did give him another date. You’ll have to stay tuned for more :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/foxaston Steven McLachlan

      I’ll be keeping an eye out for your next posts Rachel.  I <3 reading about the fun you girls get up to …