Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

6. Thou Shalt Not Judge – Mr. Smarty Pants

I met Mr. Smarty pants a few years ago when he was working the club scene.

He dresses well, smells good, has a stable job and at 34, is going back to university to study law. We never socialised outside the clubs before, but he was always really outgoing. So I asked him to come see a movie with me.

We met at the cinemas early to check out what was showing.  He asked if I have preference. I don’t, so he settles on Megamind.

Damn should have suggested a comedy.

For some odd reason, I think it is strange to watch an animated movie on the first date.

We then went to get some snacks from the candy bar. He insisted on getting fresh popcorn from the attendant, despite mountains of ready-to-go, freshly made popcorn at the counter. So we waited.

“I don’t like the ready-made packs, you just don’t know how long it has been sitting there… Don’t you think they should have someone at this counter? I mean they have so many people working here…”

An attendant finally arrived and he asked for new popcorn and the Megamind novelty popcorn deal. This includes the Megamind limited edition cup and cape. He puts the cape on!

Cute but slightly amusing.

The movie was hilarious, and of course had a message about love, truths and honour. We made eye contact during the romantic moments and laughed at the funny ones… all in all 4 stars!

After the movie he asked, “So, do you want to go to Max Brenner?”

There we ordered strawberries and chocolate, and then the questions started…

“So what was you longest relationship?… Why did you break up?… What is your ideal man?”

OMG interrogate much?

“Well, aren’t you just full of questions?”

I started to answer them,but find myself telling him ‘small truths’.

“I’ve only had a few boyfriends (more like one)… we broke up because we were too different (will leave that one alone)… I don’t have an ideal man (I don’t mention that I like tradies, shaved heads and ute drivers, as he is obviously not any of the above).”

Even though he is grilling me, I can’t help but laugh because he has managed to cover the general region around his mouth with chocolate, and is still wearing his Megamind cape.

Mr. Smarty pants really floored me. He’s smart and sophisticated, but also young and did not take himself too seriously. He definitely reminded me to loosen up a little bit. I realised that I had gradually, without even noticing, become set in my ways.

How did I let this happen? 

I liked him, but there was absolutely no chemistry.

Have you ever had preconceived notions about your date based on their occupation?


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  • James

    Why is your name Maria if you’re “Asian”? It’s so wierd how Chinese/South Indians use European names. Why don’t you just go out with Asians? You might have more luck. Not being racist just telling the truth, it’s hard to cross that cultural barrier.