Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

56. Recreational Dating – Mr. Lots Of First Dates

My Grandma Lu Lu once said: “I don’t like the taste of coffee. I just drink it to be social.”

And before Mr. Lots Of First Dates even finished his first cup of Joe, I determined that this was exactly how he felt about dating.

Although he did not strike me as a serial dater (he admitted he travels frequently for work, and therefore would not have the time), he confessed to being “the kind of guy who likes dating.”

I could not help chuckling to myself at the irony of it all.

For someone who actually likes dating, you think he would be better at it.

My rationale on why I could teach Mr. Lots Of First Dates a thing or two:

1. He barely initiated any conversation before the date.

2. He procrastinated when finalizing plans and made me choose the location.

3. He was a walking cliché. Immediately after we ordered, he folded his hands and said “So what do you do?” And then—wait for it, wait for it—“How does this impact your own relationships?”

4. He was rude to the waitress when she brought him the wrong drink.

5. He showed no signs of being romantically interested, yet asked me out again but mentioned “I’ll be gone for 10 days.”

At the end of the date, he asked me: “So how do you think our date went?”

“It went fine.” I said.

And that is the truth.

It was not a bad time. It was not a good time.

It was just fine.

What intrigued me more than anything was that Mr. Lots Of First Dates said that men actually like dating – which is news to me.

Most men I know either like (a) having sex with as many women as possible or (b) dating to find a serious relationship.

Sure, some single men who do not fit into either of these categories may enjoy (c) taking a random woman out for dinner every now and then for the hell of it, but probably would not want to go on first date after first date.

I think most men want the time and money they invest into dating to lead to somewhere.

Even if it leads only to their bedrooms!

What do you think? Do you know people who date recreationally?

Do you know men who take women out to either hook up or find a serious relationship?

Do you think there are a lot of people who date just to date?

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