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56. Playing The Field – Mr. Moving On

This is Ginger’s date 3 with Mr. Moving On. Read their date 1date 2.

I must say it was quite exciting to watch Mr. Moving On play football. I mean, I have not done that since university. It was kind of a new experience, in a good way.

He is good at it.

At least I thought he was.

OK, I have to admit I know very little about football. I could not tell you which position he played and what plays they did.

All I saw was that he ran really fast. And he yelled out instructions to his teammates in a clear and confident voice, looking aggressive yet like a leader.

He was hot.

I can not explain why, but I find a man running crazily like a mad cow, being all sweaty and breathing heavy extremely sexy. I was so glad to be there watching him being all sporty and alive.

Until it continued into dinner time.

He simply could not stop himself from rambling about that afternoon’s game: “Did you see the guy with earrings? God, he couldn’t pass a ball right! How hard is that?” and “What about that shoot, huh? What a shame! I think the goal post is crooked.”

A few times I tried to veer the subject in another direction, but somehow he always managed to swing it back.

Well, what can I do? The man loves football.

But as much as I loved watching him play football, I was not into all this talk about football. Eyes on his lips, I thought:

Maybe I should kiss him to make him stop.

A wicked smile spread across my face, but he did not notice because he was too excited about his football.

Although the nonstop ball talking did make him a little less sexy in my eyes, he was still one hot man!

Do outdoor physical activities make men look sexy in your eyes?

What about other masculine activities like say, gardening?

Do they have the same effect? Please share!



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  • http://www.facebook.com/foxaston Steven McLachlan

    he’s excited and he’s seeking to share that excitement with you.  

    if you find what he’s doing sexy, find a way to let him know that.  he wants to be sexy in your eyes and shutting up his chatter with passionate kisses might kill two birds with one stone.