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55. Star Power – Mr. Kind Of A Big Deal

There are two types of men in the world: men who try to impress women and men who do not.

Fortunately for me, Mr. Kind Of A Big Deal was the type who tried! And it worked like a charm.

Just like Mr. VIP, he showed up in a suit and invited me to a hot restaurant, Monkey Bar, which is known to attract A-list celebrities. In fact, Ben Stiller was at the table next to us!

He was also about the same age as Mr. VIP, 42, and super successful. But, unlike Mr. VIP, he is divorced. It was too early to tell if his age or marital status will be a good or bad thing.

Right now, it is all good.

We had instant chemistry. Before we even ordered, he said: “Well, if you marry me, you’ll have to live in the West Village.”

“Oh, that would be no problem at all.”

It is only my favorite neighborhood in Manhattan.

I liked his willingness to show affection – from asking me to sit closer to him to complimenting me for being “amazing”.

And I thought it was romantic that he took a cab totally out of his way to spend just five more minutes with me.

I love a funny, romantic man, and when he also has the power, money, status, and good looks of Mr. Kind Of A Big Deal…

Well, he could easily sweep me off my feet!

I can see some of you have already raised an eyebrow to caution me to like him for the “right” reasons. If so, I’d like to say: “Jealousy is a sickness; get well soon”.

Maybe these are my right reasons. What if this is the type of man I am destined to be with? You can hate me now.

I see no problem in being attracted to someone like him, a person with self-discipline and smarts, because he has many of the traits that I already possess!

Okay, his pockets go a little deeper, but I am a work in progress!

It should not be a crime to get excited over someone who can help me co-create the “good life” I live and aspire to have.

I am not going to pretend to be modest. People who know me know I have always been a diva.

Should not a star be with a star?

Are relationships easier when two people are both in the spotlight because they can understand each other?

 Or, are relationships easier when one partner is behind the scenes? What do you think?

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  • Isaac

    This post is a parody, right?

    • John Buckwild

      I hope so. It really stinks.

  • CallmeMaybek

    Wow! What haters!