Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

55. Get Jealous – Mr. One Year Later

This is Ginger’s date 4 with Mr. One Year Later. Read their date 1date 2date 3.

In the middle of our drinks, Mr. One Year Later suddenly asked, “Are you the jealous type?”

“I have a normal amount of jealousy. Why?” I replied.

“Jealous women scare me.”

“Don’t give them a reason to be jealous then.”

“There is nothing I can do,” he spoke with an innocent look. “I don’t consider myself particularly handsome or charming. But women fall for me easily.”

Now that he mentioned it, I realized he did have some kind of unexplainable charisma.

He called me one year later (date 49), he gave me a terrible gift (date 51), he told me his ex-girlfriend committed suicide (date 53), and yet I still enjoyed spending time with him.

Was it his eyes, his smile, the way he spoke?

If I found him so likable, it was only understandable that other women would find him attractive as well.

“Pick one and try flirting with her.” I pointed to a group of girls sitting two tables away from us.


“I want to see your moves.”

“I have no moves. ”

“Come on, show me how your charm works.”

“Are you kidding?”

“I promise I won’t get jealous.”

“No”, he shook his head. “No way I’m going do that.”

“Oh, you’re afraid she may turn you down?”

I was trying to get him to do it for a dare.

And he is taking the bait!

He went over to a foreign woman in the group. He said something and the girl looked at him, baffled. Soon her expression loosened up and she started to smile. A while later he put her number in his cell phone.

With that, he came back with a boyish victorious smile.

“How did you manage to do that? And you don’t even speak English.” I was amazed.

“I speak some basic English. Besides, the foreign girls here are seldom approached by Chinese guys, so I am a big surprise.”

I kissed him on his cheek.

So lovely! Then I smiled at the foreign girl who just gave him the number.

“We better leave now.” He grabbed my hand.

We rushed out of the bar.

“Are you going to call her?”

“Maybe next year (see our first date).” He winked at me.

Aha, and funny too!

 What do you think? Do you prefer your man to be popular with the ladies?

Is it a good thing when your man can charm any woman?

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