Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

54. Battling Roses – Mr. Moving On

This is Ginger’s date 2 with Mr. Moving On. Read their date 1.

After dinner, Mr. Moving On and I strolled around the alleys in the former French concession area. The weather was nice, perfect for a little nighttime stroll – until you bump into mobile rose sellers, a.k.a. professional beggars.

Flowers are their prop of choice. They chase you to give them money, then give you a pitiful-looking rose as a reward. There is nothing romantic about those roses.

They smell like dead rats.

This is a typical annoying moment for those newly dating.

Should he buy her a rose?  It may seem a bit too soon and too much? Should he not buy her a rose? She may get embarrassed or be hurt?

So in a situation like this, it is easier for the female to deal with it. “I’m allergic to roses” is generally the line I use.

But before I could say my usual line, my date stepped in. He said to the seller calmly with a smile, “Come, come, let me see what you have.”

He examined the roses seriously, or at least he was acting serious. “Oh, come on, are you trying to get me into trouble? You want me to give this lady, this lovely lady, these flowers, these dying flowers? Look at her, don’t you think she deserves roses that are blossoming?”

I tried my hardest to cover my laugh. He was like a comedian doing a skit.

The rose seller did not expect this and did not know how to react. She just stood there frozen.

Then, he took my hand and we left.

“That’s brilliant!” I looked at him with admiration, “You are brilliant. That’s the best performance I have ever seen when dealing with the rose sellers.”

“Attack is the best defense,” he winked at me.

Wow! Such a street smart man! So charming!

What do you think? Is having street smarts sexy to you?

Are you attracted to those who can handle sticky situations?


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  • http://www.facebook.com/foxaston Steven McLachlan

    sounds like he’s worth keeping, if only to keep rose-peddlers at bay … ;)