Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

5. Texting in the Park – Mr. British Texter

Mr. British Texter replied to an ad my friend wrote for me on Craigslist. I found it somewhat unsettling that he did not want to talk before the date. Our only communication consisted of two weeks of text messages.

I reasoned that his voice, with the British accent, could not be that bad. I fondly remembered my fascination with England – namely the David Beckham-type guys with accents back in college!

He had no ideas for our date, which he did not confirm until two hours before. I suggested Bryant Park’s Southwest Porch where I was meeting a client directly before.

Not long after arriving, I get an text message:

“I went to the wrong park. I am at one in the West Village.”

Is he kidding? I gave him the cross streets, and he has lived in NYC for a year!   

I kept myself occupied, waiting for the first 40 minutes, but I contemplated ditching him after his next text:

“Going to be a little later. There are no cabs. Taking the train.”

My date can not even hail a cab? That is virtually impossible in New York – except for New Year’s Eve.

I decided to head off to 5th Ave, while Mr British Texter is God-knows-where, commuting to me. I was in Barami buying a little black dress, when I received yet another text:

“I’m the guy with the blue shirt, shorts, and Starbucks cup sitting right in front of the lounge area.”

Now it’s your turn to wait.   

I replied back with: “I decided to venture to a nearby shop, will be there as soon as possible.”

Ten minutes later, I got another text: “Well, I’ve waited long enough to spill coffee on my shirt.”

After another 20 minutes, I finally meet Mr British Texter, the stereotypical scrawny Englishman with bad teeth.

Can this get any worse?

He asks if I want to go to Starbucks.

Apparently, it can.

You do not take a girl that looks this good to Starbucks on a Saturday night, buddy 

I just wanted to get the date over with, so I agreed and we took our drinks back to the park.

Staring into space he said, “I was up until 5AM last night drinking. I never have a plan. I like to go with the flow.” He continued with, “I don’t particularly enjoy my job” and “Women in New York are all about money. I tell them I am a window washer when they ask what I do.”

Okay so he can crack a joke, but he seems miserable. And does this mean he’s cheap?

When it’s time for us to say goodbye, he got right in my face and flatly said, “Okay this was fun.”  Then just walked away.

Not even a hug?


Maybe it’s cultural.

Later that night, true to his form, he texts: “Yes, I like you – intelligent, funny, good company, very pretty, great smile, gorgeous eyes. Guess I am just wondering if you like me as much as I like you. There you go, now you know.”

I couldn’t help but wonder if Mr. British Texter really thought he stood a chance.

Why is it that some men religiously speak through text?

Is it the fact that it is less confronting? What do you think?

Text me below.

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  • Evan

    This is hilarious – cant believe you even waited and then hung out with
    him at the park and how crushed you were when he didnt give you a hug!

    Just kiddin ;-) nice meeting you last night

    • 3six5dates

       Thanks Evan! Rachel was a good sport for this one. :D

    • 3six5dates

       Thanks Evan! Rachel was a good sport for this one. :D

  • Mikey

    Did you expect anything else from craigslist?

  • desert star

    haha this is so funny!!! “stereotypical scrawny Englishman with bad
    teeth”looool however, you should visit London. it’s filled with David
    Beckham type guys,and other classy Europeans who study/work there.
    with regards to guys who religiously speak through text, some guys are
    intimidated by a girl’s voice. maybe he was just nervous to talk to you.

  • Ms. Date Guru

    Yes, I can relate that a lot of times, men don’t want to drop what
    they’re doing to answer a phone call. i think it could signal a lack of
    seriousness and commitment, which this guy conveyed. Some people, I find
    need that technology barrier and therefore do better with online dating
    than in person. But if someone can’t have a phone call, Skype, or meet
    you in person before a date that is a red flag . I second Evan, what a
    good sport! I don’t know if I would have went through with it. 

  • Fofo

    I can’t stand texters.. lol the whole “This was fun” made me think to my self “did he really just do that??