Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

4. Where Did I Go Wrong? Mr. OMG

The first time I met Mr. OMG was at a bar four years ago. I had tapped my girlfriend on the shoulder and asked her, “Who is that?”

At the time, I remember thinking (and I would never admit this to anybody):

This guy is way out of my league.

However, that was a few years ago and I figure the worst he could say is, “I’m busy”

It turned out he was free!

We met at a café and as soon as we saw each other, I felt at ease. He smiles and laughs a lot and we seemed to have a lot in common.

“I believe in the laws of the universe…”

“Me too!”

“I listen to old school hip-hop…”

“No way! I love old school…”

He had also just come out of a long term relationship, was trying to build his own events company and interested in the laws of the universe.

Oh, I’m in love!

During the date, I tried to show him that I was interested in what he had to say by holding his gaze.

Then I realized that I looked a bit ‘stalkerish’, so I would occasionally look at different things around the café. This did not work very well because I kept coming back to him…


Mr. OMG tells me, “I’m not usually interested in Asian girls, but you are kinda different.”

I am both pleased and pist.

Pleased that he is ‘interested’ in me and pist that he obviously stereotypes Asian girls.

Our date was going so well and I wanted to make sure we would go on another one.

So, I said, “You owe me dinner.”

He said, “Do I now? Well that can be arranged.”

OMG I was not expecting that… think quick, think quick!

The best I could come up with was:

“Yes because I heard you are an amazing cook and well…I’m just amazing hehehhe.”

Awkward silence.

He then politely ended the date and I felt like I had been kicked in the guts.

So, like any normal girl I speed dialed all my girlfriends to ask them what the hell just happened?

They all laughed at my story, then agreed that he may have thought I was arrogant.

I was just trying to be funny.

They argued that he did not know me well enough to know that I was being sarcastic.

I wanted to rewind our date to that moment…

What do you think? Is it best to leave sarcasm to after the first date?

Have you ever told a joke that did not come across the way you intended?

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  • SSDated

    If a dude couldn’t recognize that as sarcasm…he’s a moron.  Have you talked to him since?  

    • 3six5dates

       I think this guy definitely had no sense of humour! No contact since!