Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

37. Someone Hand Him a Tissue! Mr. Snot-a-lot

Mr. Snot-a-lot was not conventionally handsome, but he had something about him. Scars on his arms and face, crooked teeth and tattoos everywhere.

He was twitchy and small in stature, but I asked him out on a date because…well I am not too sure why. Perhaps it was his confidence that I was attracted to.

We were at the café, sipping on our milkshakes, when all of a sudden he put one finger on one nostril and blew out of the other one.

A little bit of booger flew straight onto the ground.

I stared at it for two milliseconds and then tried to continue the conversation to hide the shock in my eyes.

“So what were you like in high school?”

“I was a cool kid, I wore the baggy pants and big polo tops…we ruled the school…I bet you were a nerd?”

“Yep, I was the biggest nerd ever! I wasn’t that bright, but I tried really hard. Haha.”

Then, all of a sudden, some more blocking of the nostril and blowing out the other occurred. Smaller this time, but just as disgusting.

I tried to feign indifference, but was paranoid that he had got some of his snot on my new shoes. I looked at him, and he had not the faintest idea that this was not acceptable etiquette in any situation.


We spoke more about our common hatred for school and what we dreamed of becoming.

I told him I wanted to be an actress or singer, but in all honesty was not very skilled.

He replied “Growing up I wanted to be a rich mother f#*ker, didn’t matter how – just wanted the cool cars and the ladies.”

“Oh really, and how did that turn out for you?”

“I’ve made it, look who’s havin’ a milkshake with me?”

Cheesy, but cute.

The rest of the date was just as easy and fun. Mr. Snot-a-lot was actually a very cool guy, easy going and very charismatic…except for his snot. And yes, he did do it a few more times before the end of the date.


Can you overlook someone’s dirty habits, if they are appealing in every other aspect?

Where is the line drawn? What do you think?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/foxaston Steven McLachlan

    Wow.  You should be accepting and forgiving but some things are so gross that you just can’t stay compatible when your date does that.  Try not to be too picky, poeple have eccentricities which sometimes not only grow on you but become an attractive quality after a while.

    But if it is just gross and you think it’s crossed the line … You should look for another date !