Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Follow their adventures and misadventures.

56. Playing The Field – Mr. Moving On

This is Ginger’s date 3 with Mr. Moving On. Read their date 1, date 2. I must say it was quite exciting to watch Mr. Moving On play football. I mean, I have not done that since

8. Six Degrees Of Separation – Mr. Connections

Mr. Connections and I met when we were buying drinks at a bar. Both of us were trying to get the bartender’s attention, but neither of us were very successful. “Bloody, bartender always serves the

57. Date Gone Downhill – Mr. Not Interested Would Disappoint Me

This is Rachel’s date 2 with Mr. Not Interested Would Disappoint Me. Read their date 1. At some point in the dating process, most men will fall into the one of the following categories: -Those who deserve

7. Jail House Rock! Mr. Jail Bird

Mr. Jailbird is a friend of my older sister. He asked my sister if he could get my number to ask me out. Under normal circumstances I would object to this. But of course, there

55. Get Jealous – Mr. One Year Later

This is Ginger’s date 4 with Mr. One Year Later. Read their date 1, date 2, date 3. In the middle of our drinks, Mr. One Year Later suddenly asked, “Are you the jealous type?” “I have a normal

56. Recreational Dating – Mr. Lots Of First Dates

My Grandma Lu Lu once said: “I don’t like the taste of coffee. I just drink it to be social.” And before Mr. Lots Of First Dates even finished his first cup of Joe, I determined

6. Thou Shalt Not Judge – Mr. Smarty Pants

I met Mr. Smarty pants a few years ago when he was working the club scene. He dresses well, smells good, has a stable job and at 34, is going back to university to study

5. Can You Trust A Real Estate Agent? Mr. Property

I am on a mission to change my area code. A. Because my ex lives 5 minutes away (and so does his family and friends). B. Because living with my entire family is like going to

54. Battling Roses – Mr. Moving On

This is Ginger’s date 2 with Mr. Moving On. Read their date 1. After dinner, Mr. Moving On and I strolled around the alleys in the former French concession area. The weather was nice, perfect for a

4. Where Did I Go Wrong? Mr. OMG

The first time I met Mr. OMG was at a bar four years ago. I had tapped my girlfriend on the shoulder and asked her, “Who is that?” At the time, I remember thinking (and

55. Star Power – Mr. Kind Of A Big Deal

There are two types of men in the world: men who try to impress women and men who do not. Fortunately for me, Mr. Kind Of A Big Deal was the type who tried! And

Want to know the keys to a successful love life? Ms. Erica Johnson

Want to know the keys to a successful love life? Ready to have a successful love life? Join Ms. Erica Johnson, the Mr. Right Attraction Mentor, on April 23-25 where she will interviewing top experts who

3six5dates interviews Valerie Weiss – Director of “Losing Control”

Video: Shelli Trung, 3six5dates, interviews Valerie Weiss the writer/director “Losing Control”. Valerie talks about her new romantic comedy movie where a female scientist attempts to prove her longtime boyfriend is “Mr. Right”, by suggesting

3. One Who Lives Off Parents – Mr. Trust Fund Baby

Mr. Trust Fund Baby looks great on paper: Italian, charming, handsome, and very wealthy. We met at a French Restaurant. He was dressed to kill and I noticed a group of young twenty somethings oogling

Is there a Man Drought? The Manly Sisters

Video: We took to the streets of Melbourne, Australia back in March 2010 and asked The Manly Sisters…is there a Man Drought? If you are in Melbourne, Australia check out their “Spag n Drag Dinner